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Flight School Music Group

Flight School Music Group was established in 2020 by “levels the producer” who has over 15 years of Lead Guitar and Bass Guitar experience. His goal is to connect with new and seasoned artist alike to provide original compositions that will compliment the musical landscape of emerging artists. 

Meet the business

SEO Setup/Google Listing

Upon completion of the site we walked levels through the basics of updating his sites SEO. Once his site was optimized it was submitted for google listing by our team.

Mobile Optimization

Each page is combed over with a fine comb once the desktop version is finalized. Adding size variations and slight animations to breathe life into the mobile site. 

BeatStars Embed

The producer was looking to sell individual stems/track outs for beats. We used the BeatStars Blaze Player with a stripe integration to execute safe and secure payments with s media player that matched the style of our site.

Wix Booking System

Using the Wix Booking System we set the producer up with a mobile app synced to his google calendar for any future one on one sessions scheduled at his studio. 

Selling beats online



Eye Breathe Design helped FSMG navigate the tools at Wix and identify a strategy moving forward for selling beats online. Levels the producer had much of the foot work covered when it came to the look and feel he wanted for the brand/site making for a swift exchange. Beyond selling beats there was a need for a booking system that allowed him to schedule future studio sessions.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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