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Ouch Relief

This DIY home therapy approach allows you to impact everyday problems like headaches, neck and shoulder pain, rotator cuff problems, back pain and more. With an expanding video library and zoom integrations for one on one bookings and discovery calls with physical therapy specialists. Each user starts with a evaluation assigning them their regiment/playlist in the video library.

Meet the business

Subscription Billing

EBD set the team up with a payment processor and a page enabling the team to assign subscription billing to their plans and pricing for private sessions.

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Zoom Bookings Integration

We integrated the Wix Booking System for the team with Zoom allowing a zoom link to be created and sent to users when they schedule a one on one session with a specialist.

Type Form Embed

The site was equipped with a couple custom Type Form embeds to allow for intake forms with built in logic that will evolve based on the users answers. Upon their submission a playlist within the video library will be assigned to the user with a follow up session to report on their results. 

Doing things different



Casey Lyon was offering physical therapy sessions for his clients and naturally over time began documenting his exercises. EBD was tasked with creating a home for his expanding video library and develop the framework for client bookings and payment plans.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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