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Mexican Town Community Development Corporation

4K+ individuals flow monthly through the Mexican Town Community Development campus, conducting business with the State of Michigan’s Welcome Center, the Secretary of State offices, the DTE Energy payment center, the Detroit Works Career Center and the Southwest Economic Solutions’ offices.

Meet the business

SEO Setup/Google Listing

We set up each page for SEO and Social Sharing success. Ensuring the thumbnail and keywords attached to each page are optimized for the given platform.

Live Streaming

The team is amping up to offer online cooking classes for the community of Southwest Detroit. We are adding a page soon for the team to live stream events straight from their website!

Dynamic Pages

A Dynamic Page is a page that enables us to change its content, while keeping the same design and layout. Allowing us to establish a spreadsheet synced with page elements for a consistent look across the board when adding future pages. 

Mobile Optimization

Each one of our projects account for the time needed to fine tune the final design for mobile viewing. Resizing images, reshaping layouts and adding slight animations to breathe life into the mobile experience.

Reclaiming a non-profits story



The team at Mexican Town Community Development Corporation had a Wordpress website up that left them confused and flustered every time it came to making updates. Eventually the site became outdated, design, and content wise and the team reached out to EBD to establish a new one. The goal was a site that highlighted the groups past and future events and allowed for RSVPS and easy updates.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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