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Food Truck X

Food Truck X serves as the go to Directory for the cities hottest food trucks. Eye Breathe Design executed it's logo and website with the owner whose intentions were to build a business network for aspiring food truck owners.

Meet the business

SEO Setup/Google Listing

Being a directory for Food Trucks it was critical the sites SEO was optimized the board. Down to the favicon for iphone and android devices. 

Custom Forms & Automation

The site features payment plans for Food Truck Owners to submit their truck. Upon purchasing one of the plans an owner is sent a private link to the site where they submit their information for listing via a custom branded form.

Dynamic Pages

A Dynamic Page is a page that can change its content, while keeping the same design and layout. Allowing us to establish a spreadsheet synced with page elements for a consistent look across the board when adding future pages. 

Mobile Optimization

It was critical the website was device responsive allowing for easy access across devices. We took the time to optimize each page for the mobile user experience.

From idea to platform



The goal for this project was establishing a new logo and platform for the evolving business network at Puente Consulting. Eye Breathe Design was tasked with creating a custom data-base and mobile friendly U/I that allowed locals to browse the cities hottest food trucks and the team easily list them. With call now buttons, google map quick links, menus and even social media handles for each truck! 

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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