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El Central Newspaper

This Southwest Detroit newspaper publication is a pioneer in bilingual news and an award-winning team with 30 years of experience under its belt. With new owners and partnerships being formed the team decided to formalize its digital footprint and set a new standard.

Meet the business


We took an audit of existing practices with team communications and streamlined efforts using a tech stack curated for the team for publishing and executing weekly issues.

Newsletter Collection

One of the main goals for this build was to make it easy for the team to collect feedback and emails from readers. So we embedded surveys on-site and created an automated workflow to import new subscribers to the existing Mailchimp database.

Digital Ads

The publication is free and wouldn’t be what it is today without print advertising. A site meant a new income stream with the opportunity of responsive digital ads of various sizes.

Reader U/I

The site is packed with blog-focused features like a page translator, quick share buttons on articles, a progress bar for reading, author profiles, and comments for readers to engage in the conversation!

Introducing a new generation



With going digital came an opportunity to tap into a new generation of readers. So the intention in design and workflow was paramount in this project. Down to the platform of choice and supporting tools to make team communications and publishing seamless.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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