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Center for Community Based Enterprise’s

"The Center for Community-Based Enterprise’s mission is to build a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive living-wage local economy, by developing a network of worker-owned cooperatives in Detroit and throughout our great state of Michigan. This is because worker ownership, or employee ownership, has the worker and the business' sustainability at its center, not just profit."

Meet the business


The website featured a blog app allowing the team to build organic seo traffic. The blog allows readers to easily share on social or leave comments.


The site featured a donation app allowing users to easily donate. From one-time donations to monthly contributions.

Logic Forms

The site speaks to 4 different audiences and has a unique webform for each. The forms questions evolve based on the users answers. Allowing the team to flesh out the details neccesary before hoping on a call.

Tech Stack

EBD worked with the team in identifying the best tools for the job curating a custom tech stack that integrated with existing workflows and tools.

Site Migration and Revamp



The goal for the project was migrating the site over from Wordpress to Wix. Primarily for ease of maintenance and management one the site launched. The site allows the org to engage multiple audiences at once and begin the intake process for businesses & sponsors.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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