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Paid The Cost Podcast

This Podcast needed a hub for their fans. A proper showcase and home for their efforts in interviewing influential people from the California's Central Coast on how they’ve Paid The Cost to achieve their dreams.

Meet the business

Video Lightbox

Each episode is available on streaming platforms podcast listeners are native to paired with a youtube video of the episode. Users can easily watch each Youtube episode without leaving the site.

Newsletter Signup

The team is that much closer to their audience now by being able to collect their emails for future announcements and surveys. With an automaiton on the backend syncing emails to mailchimp.

Custom CMS

The site featured prebuilt templated pages for storing past and future episodes of the podcast. Each element connected to a database built especially for the PTC. This allows for easy updates in house and a place for fans to explore the show in its entirity.

Mobile First

Each page of the site was crafted with mobile users in mind. With majority of it's visitors likely to be on their phone we wanted the user experience to feel native and familliar. 

A people centered podcast



The goals for this project were getting a site up in record time and creating a new standard for the teams digital foot print. With a library of rich content online it wasn't hard to curate the perfect layout and wireframe to compliment existing workflows. Now fans can easily find each episode online and dive into more about the host and guest of each episode. 

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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