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Motor City Mobile Wellness

This non-profit is creating an alternative network of care in Detroit, providing individual and community healing support that combines compassion and expertise for safer responses apart from the carceral system.

Meet the business

Newsletter Collection

The site encourages visitors to submit an email to learn more about the organization's efforts. Over-time these emails will be segmented to identify potential sponsors & patients alike. 

Calendar Sync

The booking system is integrated with the team's individual Google calendars to avoid double bookings & remove the need for an admin to manage staff hours. 

Booking System

The website featured a booking system that allowed for members to schedule in-person or virtual sessions with their practioners. 

User Accounts

Site visitors can create an account to manage their payment types, review their history with the platform and stay connected to their practioner. 

A new approach to holistic wellness



Our goal early on was anchored in the user experience. With a focus on making it easy for clients to book an introductory session or learn about the variety of practitioners and specialties offered. The solution we created together not only makes it easy for the end-users but for the practitioners alike with a new way to manage leads and accept payments. 

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

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