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Streamline your work

Set up automated responses to site actions and account activities to boost productivity and save time. Your website should work while you sleep! 

Automate your site

Get found on Google

Make sure visitors can find your site online. 70% of business owners who use Wix SEO tools rank on the first page of Google.

SEO Tools

Develop List

Communication Hub

Every new lead gets automatically added to your contact list. From here, you can assign labels, filter contacts and quickly get in touch.

Build Campaigns

Create and manage your own custom workflows to track leads, prioritize tasks and help your team visualize what needs doing, when.

Develop Pipelines

Don’t Forget a Thing

Keep motivated and stay on track with your own digital to-do list, available on desktop and mobile.

Set Tasks & Reminders

Manage Your Business Communications

See and respond to every message and track your conversation history. Sync your Facebook and Gmail to build a multi-channel communication hub.

One Inbox

Stay Connected.

Get traffic, increase engagement and build customer loyalty directly from your site.

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